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Hall of Honor Officials:

Chrysus // My Talk - Administrator - Head of Recruitment - Factions Dept. - Achievements Dept.

Shadow Delta // My Talk - Head of Factions - Achievements Dept.


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Rules of War
How to go to war:

Every clan has its enemies, and so here is how to appropriately deal with them if those enemies reside on this wiki. In order to declare war, you simply post a message on the Hall of Honor Talk Page. List your name, your clan's name, your opponent's clan name, and your reason for going to war. We'll message your opponent immediately and the battle may truly begin.

How the conflicts are settled:
These wars will be fought in PvP. Once a side wins a PvP match, the leaders are to agree on the winning side and then relay that information to a HoF Official. A side can win the war two ways: either by a surrender or by winning the most matches of PvP out of 10. In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker match is allowed. If either side does not post

here on a weekly basis so we know you're active, you will be disqualified.
Current Wars:

-Attackers -Defenders
( 0-0 )

-Attackers need __ points to win
-Defenders need __ points to win

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The Hall of Honor is limited to and only includes information on clans registered on the V.Delta Wiki. The Hall of Honor program is not responsible for violent behavior caused by the displaying of our processed data; however, we do take full responsibility for the actions of our registered Officials. Any unruly actions regarding the "Apprentices" should be reported to an Official and will be dealt with accordingly.