One unfortunate night, Sepulchure attacked falconreach,
storming and searching for single person.
Cysero was the best forger in all lands, and Sepulchure had a deal to make...
Cysero DECLINED his offer.. so the bombardment of falconreach continued....

Chrysus, cysero's sole apprentice searched to end this torment.
And offered his services in place of cyesero...
Sepulchureaccepted and a contract was formed. one which would change the world of lore for ever.
Chrysus, under Sepulchure's wing grew stronger (as a condition of his contract).
Only to end in TORMENT! Sepulchure preformed an ancient spell on chrysus rendering him of all feelings and stealing what little soul he had left...
Chrysus was smarter then Sepulchure thought, secretly the night before the torment chrysus bound his soul to his armor and weapon set...
At the mercy of Sepulchure, chrysus hope and spirit shiest to exist.
Disappearing into ashes...

Then arises in the void where his powers and knowledge grew. He commands your attention...
He rises...
Will you rise with him...?
or will you fall in his conquest...

We are the first clan in V.Delta, lead by the owner of V.Delta!
We are a Clan and we have many different forms of contacting each other such as:

  • Our discussion page (located at the top of the screen)

We are a manga,pvp ,social and farming clan which strives to uphold strength and order.
We are kind and passionate players of V.Delta and several other Ae games and do not accept inappropriate behavior.
We have several bases in which we use to hang out or have meetings and in rare cases War Chambers!
Which are:

  • Yulgar-99669 (socializing),
  • Party-99669 (clan meetings),
  • Hiddenleadersmap-99669(only admins and mods no one else goto's off),
  • War Chamber /House chrysus

Hta vk

There are several ways of applying one is to create a account on our webbie,
or posting a application form in the discussion page.

Leader Chrysus


General updates follow:

  • First clan on V.Delta wiki.

"Every one must stay active or else they may miss a clan war or some big event!"~Chrysus